Give it "Everything Everything"

Going to a gig on Valentines day with a friend seemed like a reasonable alternative to the "lack of boyfriend" situation i had on my hands...

 The band - Everything Everything // The venue - The o2 Academy, Oxford // The result - pleasantly surprised!

When the four piece from Manchester first came on the scene over 5 years ago, i will be the first to admit that i certainly didn't predict such sudden commercial success for them.

Okay, Jonathan "Everything" has a unique voice - so what? Okay, so they were this new British Indie pop band - how many is it now? However its exactly these two factors that have established the band firmly within the music scene.


As it was my first time going to see a gig at the o2, i was half expected to be pushed aside by the eagerly awaiting "hardcore" fans - although i was surprised to see such a varied turnout. Granted there were a lot of couples, however there was a lot of "older" people. It then dawned on me that the gig was 18+ so half of the "older" people were more than likely accompanying their sprogs. Still, a mixed turnout says to me that Everything Everything have their fingers in many a pie!

I will briefly discuss the support act - Outfit - as i don't have many words for them as such. Signed to Double Denim Records, the 5 piece from Liverpool definitely are "different". However just because they weren't my cuppa, it doesn't mean they wont necessarily be yours! Check them out by all means...

Like at all gigs, as soon as the support act scarper its time to refuel - (Captain Morgans & coke for me please!), the proximity of the venue  drastically compacts & its as if someone cranks the heat right up. 
It wasn't long before we were graced with the presence of Jonathan Higgs (Lead vocals, keys, guitar), Jeremy Pritchard (Bass,Vocals, Keys), Alex Robertshaw (guitar,vocals,keys) and Mike Spearman (drums, vocals, keys,) and the next 90 minutes are history.

The first thing i noticed about the lads was how impeccably dressed they all were, each sporting a real sense of unique style - you would definitely bring them home to meet the rents! As they delved into their set, there was something about them i couldn't put my finger on. Then it came to me - they were just so effing cool. Mix that with Jonathans' amazing ability to work the crowd like putty and Jeremy's essence to be able to float around the stage with his magical bass guitar & you have the setting for the perfect intimate live performance. As a band they were incredibly slick and put on a really decent performance, portraying their passion for what they do best. 

I really feel that since the release of their second album "Arc", its placed them on a different platform altogether. "Everything Everything" have crept up on everyone's radar and there won't be another 2/3 year gap before the next studio album this time (we hope!). This time the boys are here to stay and so are the fans. Many die-hard fans could argue that they've lost their essence of originality. One word - wrong. It has just been enhanced. That given with the fact that both Cough Cough & Kemosabe are absolute tunes! Need i say much more!


ARC (Intro)
Torso of the Week
Final form
Photoshop handsome
The peaks
Suffragette Suffragette
Cough Cough

The house is dust
Don't try

The sound engineering was wonderfully mastered, i didn't note any sound issues at all. The lighting in particular set the uber-cool vibe throughout and Jonathan really does sing in perfect key live. 

I guess you should never judge a gig before going first.

Gig highlights for me have to have been Cough Cough, Kemosabe & Schoolin'. 

5/5 boys!


PS: I can't recommend going to see these guys enough. Even if you only like their material a little - you'll come away in awe. Their UK tour has sold out - and rightly so. However keep you eyes open for festival slot announcements. You may just snap up a chance to see one of the coolest bands this year.

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